I am sure that this book will appeal to hundreds of Judo enthusiasts in whatever capacity they have been associated with the Wallsend Bushido Judo Kwai as members or as opponents in competition over the thirty years of its existence. Whoever met with Chris Dawson could never fail to recognise the dedication he devoted to Judo and his commitment to his club. The Bushido youngsters themselves were, indeed had to be, committed and Chris encouraged them all the way. Through his desire to improve the quality of his own expertise in the sport, he fuelled their desire to be the best in their chosen sport. Not for the members of the Bushido to think ‘taking part is the main object of entering a contest. Gold was the aim and Medals of any colour were given rapturous acclaim but Gold was the main course on their menu at every competition. The youngsters became the best at every meeting, prolific medal winners and their skill and knowledge performing Kata at a level beyond their years, became their trademark following on their prowess on the ‘contest mat’.
This book will delight the older members and followers of the Bushido as it has me, bringing to light memories of smiling faces and large groups of satisfied children flushed with triumph as they progressed through the years and through the ‘belts’ to achieve eventually the coveted ‘Black’ which so many of the Bushido members have.
A successful club has to have older members to help and assist and become mentors for the young members to follow as the Bushido made its way through the years through the skills of the instructors led by, taught by and encouraged by Chris Dawson’s selfless devotion to the club, time and money were costs which Chris has given freely to bring the Bushido to its glory.
The dedication of his friends and instructors is repeatedly highlighted by Chris in this book, it is therefore left to me to highlight with how much affection and respect Chris Dawson is held in the world of Judo and especially his past and present Bushido members.
I commend this book to anyone who has had any contact with Wallsend Bushido Judo Kwai in any way.

Peter Doherty

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